Welcome to Autonomous Birth!


Where we are welcoming 

the emergence

of the new 

birth paradigm


A sanctuary
for families and birth guardians
who want to engage
in the practice of
creating a different birth paradigm.
A birth paradigm that
brings love, integration,
acceptance, peace,
and freedom into the world.

what it means to be
 a conscious creator
of this paradigm.

comes from
not from

We do not aim to create separation between the different birth paradigms but we rather shine our light on different ways that are available to us.


We make room at the table for everyone by finding what we can learn from each other, by finding what we want to let go of, and what it is that we want to leave behind for future generations. 

Autonomous Birth connects existing and new independent childbirth initiatives, facilitators, and families to help facilitate and promote birth as a sacred natural rite of passage. 

Birth is a transformative experience. 

When the beginning of a new life is experienced in love, peace, and freedom, a beautiful imprint is set in motion for future generations. 

Autonomous Birth holds women, families, and birth witnesses in sovereignty and aims to bring back birth to the family unit without attachment to codes and statutes that no longer serve us. 

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